Sunsets are glorious

The clouds bring the weather

Water brings new life


Brookmont has been designed by Australia’s leading urban designers and landscape architects.

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Brookmont offers a range of allotments sizes and price points to suit a different housing and lifestyle requirements.



Brookmont offers a contemporary master planned design project with direct access to major infrastructure, services and facilities. Brookmont offers a new opportunity and lifestyle into the New North

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The name behind Brookmont

The name behind Brookmont

17 Apr 2019

A lot of thought has been put in behind the name of Brookmont, intending to closely reflect the new community that is being built.

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Stage 4 Samphire Release Now Available

Stage 4 Samphire Release Now Available

28 Mar 2019

Brookmont is excited to announce the Stage 4 Samphire Release, with 20 new lots becoming available in the New North.

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The Brookmont Display Village is in full swing

The Brookmont Display Village is in full swing

10 Mar 2019

The Sales Gallery is open to the public and this provide valuable sale and general information on the project.

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