Development Update

Brookmont’s Land Sales Consultant, Leo, gives us a project update:
The Brookmont development program is expected to advance at a strong rate throughout 2021. Stage 6 the Twine Release is well under way with civil constructions works expected to be completed in the next few months. The Twine Release comprises 51 allotments in total with the majority being sold off the plan prior to civil works even commencing.

Brookmont’s Stage 7 release – the Corkwood Release – will comprise approximately 50 allotments. 16 allotments were released to the public on 22 January 2021. As always, to be the first to know about new land releases and availability, contact myself on 0452 241 108 or email

In some exciting new developments for our Display Village, Metricon Homes are planning to build two new display homes on Twine Walk in Brookmont’s Stage 6 overlooking the Brookmont Reserve. These homes are expected to commence construction in mid-2021 and be opening by the end of the year.

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